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With intricately textured fabrics at the fore, aboutphaedra honours the hand made process within a contemporary aesthetic.  aboutphaedra is the imagining of designer Emma-Jane Christie whose greatest source of inspiration is the natural world and its many textures. 

aboutphaedra has evolved from a desire to create artful feminine clothing that is underpinned by a strong philosophy of sustainability and ethics, pursuing a more conscious model of design and consumerism.  

The development of new textures is the foundation of Emma's process.  The result is unique, one of a kind garments that are deeply emotive and sensual to the touch.


Applying her intricate and labour intensive techniques to the specialised practice of wedding dress design, Emma custom makes dresses that are deeply embedded with purpose and meaning.  aboutphaedra celebrates a ‘philosophy of the less’ and is Emma’s part towards creating a sustainable clothing model for our present world. 

Making one dress at a time from her home studio, Emma's process is responsible, respectful and slow. 

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