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Bringing an artisanal approach to fashion, with intricately textured fabrics at the fore, aboutphaedra inspires contemplation and intrigue.  With feminine silhouettes and a casual elegance, aboutphaedra is the imagining of designer and maker Emma-Jane Christie who has long found inspiration in art and nature.

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Having never been completely at ease with the title of fashion designer, aboutphaedra has evolved from a strong desire to create artful feminine clothing that is deeply underpinned by a strong philosophy of sustainability and ethics.

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Upon making my own wedding dress recently I realised that my intricate and labour intensive techniques are well suited to this specialised practice.  For despite being worn only once, I believe that making a single garment, one that is deeply embedded with purpose and meaning is far more sustainable than making many garments seasonally.

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aboutphaedra…honouring a new paradigm in modern rituals

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